Brad and Nate
Owners Brad & Nate

Boat Up Fishing Rentals LLC is based in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. We are a short drive from Destin, San Destin, Navarre and Gulf Breeze. Buying a boat can be too expensive and time consuming to keep up with, so renting a boat is the perfect alternative. Boat Up Fishing Rentals LLC owners Brad and Nate are born and raised in the area and want to be able to provide affordable center console boats for fishing or leisure to the area. Brad and Nate will provide you with any information you need for the surrounding area so don’t hesitate to ask! Renting a boat for yourself or with the whole family will provide a memorable vacation of a lifetime. During summer we are open 7 days a week. Winter time opening days vary according to demand. Call for details. BOATING EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED TO RENT A BOAT.

Boat Up Boat Rentals offers great pricing and is very easy to work with for boat rentals. Nate is knowledgeable in the local waters and let us know about the best stops.

Mary L.

Boat drivers born AFTER 1st January, 1988 are REQUIRED to have a Boater Safety Card. State Law requires a Boater Safety Card to be physically carried on you with picture ID. Drivers born BEFORE 1988 only need to have a valid driver’s license from any state or country.

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