Time for a Spring Fishing Trip

Spring is just around the corner, and you really want to get out on the water. Get off to a great start by renting a boat from Boat Up in Fort Walton Beach. Pack your gear and get going. It’s as easy as that.

The waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Choctawhatchee Bay don’t disappoint when it comes to fishing. Poor fishing in this area is nearly impossible. However, not all fish are in our waters during every season.

You may want to fish for Redfish or Grouper, which are two of the most popular fish. All varieties of Snapper, except for Red Snapper, will be readily available.

Bridges, natural reefs and shipwrecks are some of the best places to drop a line. Mid-Bay Bridge that spans Choctawhatchee Bay is a great fishing spot. Scores of fish call the bridge supports home. If you’re proficient with a cast net, you can pull in a net full of mullet.

If you head out the East Pass from the Bay into the Gulf of Mexico, you may encounter large game fish that will be photo-worthy.

Be sure to check with the folks at Boat Up for updated fishing information, as well as which bait is best to use. They are experienced fishermen and will guide you to a successful fishing trip.

You’ll have a great time and have fish tales to tell your friends when you rent a boat from Boat Up and fish the waters of the Emerald Coast.